Nigerians Quit Abusing Twitter

At this point I’d have loved to have the opportunity to ask the brains behind the social network that is Twitter what they feel about their work at the moment. Hopefully, with such an opportunity, it’d be fitting to ask whether the real purpose for creating such a social network had actually been fulfilled or bastardized… Either way, that’s merely a wish… Now, its no news that the “Nigerian Twitter Community” has become much more than just a social network Nigerians happened to stumble upon…. While I am very happy that Nigerians, true to type, are well represented on twitter, its still disheartening that most of the folks on there portray Nigerians in bad light (not like we were good to begin with)… Its really appalling. Continue reading

Is It Debasing To Compromise?

ImagePeople do a lot of things for a whole lot of reasons; most times, we engage in certain activities not because we really would like to normally, but because we have found ourselves in a position where things are literally beyond our control. The truth is the most of what we see in the world today have been formed by one form of compromise or the other. 

To some, the art of compromise is a debasing concept, it is seen as a big blow to ones ego when the decision is made to suck up to someone or something just because we want to make things work. In human relations, compromise seems to be the biggest cause of issues within the social convention. Continue reading

Beyond Boko Haram

It has been a while since I posted anything here, I have been quite busy, life as a Nigerian youth is no walk in the park I tell you. Now that I am back, I have decided to share my thoughts and lend a voice to the thousands of voices of angry Nigerians within Nigeria and in diaspora, on the growing spate of violence in the country as perpetuated by the sect called the Boko Haram.

First of, I would like to announce that I do not believe in the facade that is the idea of ‘Boko Haram’. In my opinion, the so called ideologies of the sect are merely a smokescreen, a sort of diversion of the rational thinking mind to be subjected to thoughts of a problem where it is not. Continue reading

African Designers Online – Its an Exodus


#ExodusStores et #NeedlePoint

I love the internet, it is really an amazing place to be when you are not stuck up in the real world. I know it has become sort of clustered with too much from the real world these days, but it still serves as a place for me to forget the realities of my being a young Nigerian. Enough of that for now though, today I want to share my latest find on the internet; I know I am not much of a writer as opined by people, but I would try my best to share my thoughts on this amazing place I just found over the internet.

I am not a fashion buff, I don’t have great ideas about the different color combinations that would birth a proper outfit, nether do I know how to tell the difference between a genuine design and an imitation. I am a regular girl, with regular taste in almost everything but books (I love exquisite books), and so when I stumbled on this site, I was wondering, what would you do with this knowledge if you keep it to yourself? Tell everyone! So yes, I am here to tell everyone that mistakenly reads my blog about this amazing site I just stumbled upon that deals in retail shopping.  Continue reading

Social Media Marketing

By Poisefreak,
Thursday, January 9, 2014
ImageTo the average Nigerian, a social media platform is a virtual meeting place where old friendships are rekindled (and old flames too), a place where families meet up to chat and exchange photos, where friends are made, and where appearances are kept. In all ramifications, social media platforms have become communities in their own rights, and typically have evolved the way a normal community would. These days old generation companies, as well as the new ones, have established departments to take care of their social media presence. With the steady growth in the number of people that have access to the internet, it has become imperative to establish digital businesses that would reflect the values of the real time businesses out there. What makes a business thick in the battle for online supremacy? Social media marketing.Social media marketing still sounds like a strange combination of words to me, especially when one has to state it as an occupation. These days, more Nigerian youths have assumed the role of social media marketers, and have been paid handsomely doing so. Continue reading