Nigerians Quit Abusing Twitter

At this point I’d have loved to have the opportunity to ask the brains behind the social network that is Twitter what they feel about their work at the moment. Hopefully, with such an opportunity, it’d be fitting to ask whether the real purpose for creating such a social network had actually been fulfilled or bastardized… Either way, that’s merely a wish… Now, its no news that the “Nigerian Twitter Community” has become much more than just a social network Nigerians happened to stumble upon…. While I am very happy that Nigerians, true to type, are well represented on twitter, its still disheartening that most of the folks on there portray Nigerians in bad light (not like we were good to begin with)… Its really appalling. Continue reading

Mythology: “Apollo And Daphne”.-



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Mythology: “Apollo And Daphne”:


"Apollo and Daphne" by Jean-Baptiste van Loo (1720/1737).-

“Apollo and Daphne” by Jean-Baptiste van Loo (1720/1737).-



Apollo was a great archer, but sometimes he was a little full of himself. One day he caught sight of Eros, Aphrodite´s son. Eros was also an archer, and his arrows were responsible for instilling the twists and turns of love and lust in a person’s heart. Apollo teased young Eros, putting down his abilities as an archer, claiming that one so small could make no difference with his arrows.

The insulted Eros took two arrows,  one tipped in gold, one blunted and tipped with lead

With the leaden shaft, to incite hatred, he shot the nymph Daphne, the daughter of the river and god Peneus.

With  the golden one, to incite love, he shot Apollo through the heart. 

Apollo was seized with love for the maiden, Daphne, and she in turn abhorred him. In…

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And The Winner Is…….


Come On You Gooners! Come On! is all my mind was screaming on Saturday; for anyone who has ever taken part in any form of competitive sport, you would be well acquainted with the anxiety that comes with a final showdown. I don’t intend to bore anyone that might read this with tales of what it feels like to be free from the shackles of disappointment after 9 years, all I just want to say is I am so elated that my team, Arsenal FC broke the jinx and ended the trophy drought that had beleaguered our beloved team for almost a decade. It was a weekend to be excited about, to share a couple of beers and just be utterly happy to be part of such an inspirational story.  Continue reading

I Don’t Know About #BringBackOurGirls – Bite Me

ImageThe world watches at the moment as Nigeria slowly takes the spotlight as the hotspot for terrorist activities in Africa. It is indeed sad that the ‘Giant of Africa’ has not been able to curb the excesses of the insurgents that have caused a lot of the damage to the psyche of the average Nigerian. Every week, Nigerians wake up to news of bloody attacks, most of these in the northern part of the country; asides this, there are issues of corruption in high places (we are used to this already) which have left Nigerians wondering as to what hope is left for the people of this country. Most recently there have been vehement protests against the government’s inability to produce adequate information on the fate of the girls who were allegedly kidnapped from the Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State. With the influence of social media, the tag #BringBackOurGirls has drawn the attention of people and the media outside Africa with a good number of foreigners lending their voices to the cause. Nigeria has slowly become incapable of coordinating her own affairs, and if something is not done sooner than later, our sovereignty could be at stake. Continue reading

Is It Debasing To Compromise?

ImagePeople do a lot of things for a whole lot of reasons; most times, we engage in certain activities not because we really would like to normally, but because we have found ourselves in a position where things are literally beyond our control. The truth is the most of what we see in the world today have been formed by one form of compromise or the other. 

To some, the art of compromise is a debasing concept, it is seen as a big blow to ones ego when the decision is made to suck up to someone or something just because we want to make things work. In human relations, compromise seems to be the biggest cause of issues within the social convention. Continue reading